Chevrolet Corvette C-7 2014-2019 ZLR Doors

Chevrolet Corvette C-7 2014-2019 ZLR Doors

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2 Gas Shocks
2 Vertical Doors, Inc., ZLR Hinges (one for each side)
All Mounting Hardware
Direct "Bolt On" Hinge Kit
Mounts to Factory Bolt Pattern
Made in the USA from Domestic Hardened Steel
Patented in the USA
Completely Reversible

Note: As of 2021, the accessory "Windows Valet" is no longer provided or available through VDI you will have to contact "Top Down Tech" to order it.

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ZLR Doors Door Kit for a Chevrolet Corvette C7 2014-2016 ZLR Door kit will is the newest door product to hit the market. All our kits are researched and manufactured in the USA.
This is a Bolt-on application, easy to install, FREE tech support, reversible application, NO welding, NO exterior modifications.

Chevy Vette C7 ZLR Door Kit

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray with ZLR Door Conversion Kit from Vertical Doors, Inc.


Black C7 Vette ZLR Doors in Action


Frequent questions about how the ZLR Door Conversio Kit works, How much Space you need to open the doors and how to get in and out of the Vette.


ZLR Doors on a C7 Vette