Vertical Doors, Inc. has opened a few sponsorship spots.Vertical Lambo Doors Sponsorship 50% OFF

You must submit a formal proposal by email to be eligible.

Your proposal should include:
• Image of your car, truck or SUV
• Social media presence
• List of existing and projected mods
• List of shows and events attended
• List of awards earned (if any)
• Schedule of future shows and/or events planning to attend
• List of media coverage (if any)

To receive Sponsorship, you must agree to:
• Put at least one of our decals on your vehicle
• Attend the Scheduled shows and events listed on your proposal
• Tag Vertical Doors, Inc., on ALL media coverage
• Display the Vertical Doors, Inc., products as much as possible

If approved, you could get "UP TO"  50% off the retail price of the kit not including shipping.

Please send proposal to

Here is a good example of a Sponsorship Proposal