Why should you lift your Corvette C7 with Lambo doors?

Are you ready to take your Corvette C7 to the next ball game? Imagine the thrill of breaking necks as you effortlessly open your doors like a Lamborghini. With these Lambo doors, you can transform your Corvette C7 into a show car masterpiece that exudes power and style.


Discover the Perfect Combination of Style and Function with Corvette C7 Lift Kits.

First and foremost, Lambo doors are a statement. it'll set your Corvette C7 apart from the stock crowd and make it stand out in any setting. Whether you're cruising down the street or attending a car show, all eyes will be on you and your ride. Lambo doors elevate your Corvette C7's appearance to a whole new level of prestige. But it's not just about looks Lambo doors also offer practical benefits. The vertical opening allows for easier entry to the car, especially in tight parking spaces. No more worrying about hitting the car next to you or struggling to squeeze in and out. With Lambo doors, getting in and out of your Corvette C7 becomes easier then ever before.

How do Lambo doors work?

Our Lambo doors utilize a specialized hinge system that allows the doors to pivot vertically. These hinges are carefully engineered to ensure smooth and reliable operation, so you can confidently open and close your doors with ease. The installation process involves removing the factory doors and replacing them with the Lambo door hinges. It's a tricky process that requires professional expertise to ensure a perfect fit and optimal functionality but don't need to be scared our Lambo Doors are direct Full Bolt On (FBO) anybody can install them.

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December 18, 2023 — Mellissa Ordonez

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