Car Show | 2/24/2024 | Las Vegas, NV | The Showdown Las Vegas| Come and check out @mishiross Dodge Charger and @sho_rango Dodge Durango with Vertical Lambo Doors by Vertical Doors, Inc.

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• From @sho_rango:
If your planning on staying the weekend here are the room rate details : come join us for a weekend off fun , bass competition and a car show 😍



The following room rates will be in effect during your stay. Room rates are per standard room, single or double occupancy, plus Clark County room tax (currently at 12.5 % tax and subject to change without prior notice). Rooms are priced based on two adults per guest room. There will be an additional charge of $5.00 per extra person with a maximum occupancy of 4 guests per room. HOTEL is presently holding, on a tentative basis, the following commitment of rooms at Buffalo Bill’s Hotel according to the following pattern:

Fri 2/23, Sat 2/24, Sun 2/25
49.00, 59.00, 26.00

The Resort Fee is $29.00 per room per night

Please be advised that pre and post rates will be prevailing rates, unless otherwise outlined and that the arrival/departure pattern is not cumulative, consequently, any rooms not utilized on any one day will not be carried forward to the next day, but rather, will revert back to HOTEL for general sale. Room types must be requested at time of booking and cannot be guaranteed.

HOTEL will make every effort to provide accommodations at the hotel property designated in this contract. In the unlikely event that HOTEL is unable to provide rooms at the designated property, other hotel accommodations will be provided at one of the three properties listed herein, but not limited to: Buffalo Bill’s Hotel; Primm Valley Hotel; and Whiskey Pete’s Hotel.


It is understood that individual attendees will call 1-888-386-7867 to secure rooms individually through our room reservations department. At the time of the call, individuals will be required to guarantee their rooms by credit card.

The cut-off date for reservations will be on Friday, February 16, 2024 at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard/Daylight Time. All rooms not reserved by this time of day on the stipulated cut-off date will be released to Hotel general inventory for sale. . All requests for reservations will then be confirmed subject to room availability.

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