Phantom Doors XL Suicide Door Conversion Kit

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Part number: SDR.LXL850D

Phantom Doors XL Suicide Door Conversion Kit SDR.LXL850DPhantom Doors XL Suicide Door Conversion Kit SDR.LXL850DPhantom Doors XL Suicide Door Conversion Kit SDR.LXL850DPhantom Doors XL Suicide Door Conversion Kit SDR.LXL850D
The LXL Line of hinges are know for their 4” arc Radius, extruded billet hinge strap, CNC machined wire passages, aluminum construction with steel mounting plates included for ease of installation. The hinges utilize bronze bushings and precision machined pivot pins for super smooth operation. They come in a brushes finish but since they are aluminum they can be polished or anodized. As pictured with detent, the hinges will include a door check assembly with two stopping points. This assembly keeps the door open when parked on an incline, just like a factory door would.

This design includes a new adjustable steel base plate and mount flange design to make installation easier than previous designs. Brush finish is standard. The hinge rotates on precision pivot pins with bronze bushings. These large suicide hinges can include a ball stud mount for an optional force return using a gas spring, gas shock or linear actuator. This extra large suicide hinge is intended for medium to heavy weight doors, such as a mid or large sized four door car or a small or mid-sized trucks and SUVs such as the H2 Hummer, Escalade, Ford Excursion, Chevy Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe.

The detent version has a built-in two-step door check that holds the door open, which is helpful when the vehicle is parked on an incline.

Hinges are also available singly for modifying just one door, please call.

Optional ball stud mount point for gas shock or linear actuator are available.

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October 19, 2022 — Armando Anguiano


Shawn said:

Good evening I am looking for a Suicide door hing kit for my 2010 dodge charger. Not the lambo door kit. Do you make them for the Dodge Charger. If so how much are they and what is the delivery time frame I live in Fla. Thank you for your time.

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