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August 2017


FREE INSTALL with purchase of a VDI Kit. (NO trucks)
FREE KIT  with purchase of a VDI Kit (plus shipping)

All sales are based on VDI kits at full MSRP price. “FREE INSTALL with purchase of a VDI Kit. (NO trucks)” Installation to be done at the VDI building in
Lake Elsinore CA. “FREE KIT with purchase of a VDI Kit (plus shipping)” This is a buy one get one free of equal or lesser price plus shipping. Sale ends on Sep 5th 2017.

Labor day super sale on Lambo Doors by Vertical Doors Inc.

August 2017

Faster Turn Around Times on selected Vertical Doors Inc kits.

We have been working hard at Vertical Doors, Inc.
24 Hour turn around times on selected kits.
Contact us at 951.245.8669 for full details.
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January 2017


Lambo Door Conversion on a Lamborghini Huracan

By Mark Smeyers on January 29. 2017 in LamboNEWS.

When you talk to people and you mention you are driving a Lamborghini, chances are most of them will think about the Countach, the Diablo, the Murciélago or the Aventador ... and you might wonder why. It's simply because people recognize the special way the doors open on these V12 flagship models ... upward into the sky, the so-called scissor doors.

When the Lamborghini Gallardo was introduced back in 2003 it was probably the single most heard remark ... the doors open like on a normal car, many were a bit disappointed about that to be honest, and it didn't take long for several third party tuners to offer conversion kits so you could have those Gallardo doors open almost similar to the ones on the Murciélago ... heck you could now install Lamborghini doors on just about any car, it didn't have to be a Lamborghini in the end, but you could at least have the doors.

In 2014 Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveiled the successor to the Gallardo, the impressive V10 Huracan LP610-4, which became an instant sales success ... but once again the doors open in a normal way, not reaching for the sky like on the V12 Aventador model.

[For those that would love those trademark Lamborghini doors on their Huracan too]

Vertical Doors Inc located in the United States has developed a complete kit to install onto the Huracan that will transform the way the doors open into that famous Lamborghini style ... upward, and the best part: they also fit the Huracan Spyder and the Huracan RWD.

In the past you would have seen similar kits that would destroy your original door seals or needed a lot of modification and even welding to the original car, this isn't an option on a valuable exotic like the Lamborghini Huracan, so this kit from Vertical Doors Inc needs only minimal modification for the hinges to be installed, and because the doors first open horizontally before they can be lifted up the factory door seals remain intact.

The steel door hinges are manufactured in-house at Vertical Doors Inc in Lake Elsinore, California using 100% USA steel, laser cut for precision, and heat treated for hardening ... these hinges are TIG welded for the highest quality and strength ... Vertical Doors Inc offers a lifetime guarantee on these hinges, which bolt onto the original fixtures ... no welding is required at all.

Even tilting the doors up after opening is nearly effortless because of a set of German-sourced gas shocks, the highest quality possible, allowing opening and closing these large doors with ease, and while you can send your Huracan to the workshop in California to have these hinges installed, Vertical Doors Inc can also recommend a local, qualified body shop ... if you are really confident about your DYI skills you could even attempt to fit them yourself as they come with a complete manual and technical support if needed.

April 2016

Vertical Doors Inc. Bolt on kit  installed on a Pontiac Fiero
by Marcopolo

Lambo Door Conversion Pontiac Fiero


Thank you for the post Marcopolo

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March 2013 post

Vertical Doors, Inc -VS- competition

Chevy Camaro with Bolton Vertical Lambo Door Conversion Kit

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October 2009

2001 Silverado 4×4 Custom and Lifted


Chevrolet Silverado Lambo Door Conversion

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