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How do Vertical Lambo Doors Work?

One of the most popular questions we get is: How do Vertical Doors, Inc., Vertical Lambo Doors work?

Well, many people refer to them by different names such as Vertical Doors, Lambo Doors, Scissor Doors, Butterfly Doors and many other names, but they usually refer to a Vertical Doors, Inc. Conversion kit or one of the knockoffs in the market. 

Vertical Doors, Inc. is the only manufacturer of the Lamborghini style door conversions in the USA. 

How to open a lambo door

… So how do you operate Vertical Lambo Doors?

Here we go.

Step 1: Open the door until it stops at a predetermined position

Step 2: Raise the door up until it stops

That is it.... As easy as that! 

All Vertical Doors, Inc. Vertical Lambo Doors are prototyped to be as easy to use as possible. Since every single conversion kit is made for that particular vehicle it comes with predetermined stops on the horizontal and vertical planes. 

Every single kit comes with gas shocks that have been pressurized for your specific door weight, making it effortless to lift and lower the door.

Honda Civic Vertical Lambo Doors

Chevrolet Camaro Vertical Lambo Doors

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