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Discontinued Lambo Door Kits

speed up production time

In order to stream line our manufacturing department we have decided to eliminate kits that have been at a low demand in hopes to speed up production time..

Below is a list of the kits that are being discontinue as of May 2017

VDCATSX0914    (DISCONTINUED) Acura TSX 2009-2014 4DR

VDCAUDIA49401    (DISCONTINUED) Audi A4 1994-2001 4DR
VDCAUDIA69704    (DISCONTINUED) Audi A6 1997-2004 4DR
VDCAUDIRS60204    (DISCONTINUED) Audi RS6 2002-2004 4DR
VDCAUDIS69803    (DISCONTINUED) Audi S6 1998-2003 4DR

VDCCADELD8691    (DISCONTINUED) Cadillac Eldorado 1986-1991 2DR

VDCCHEVYCAM6970    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Camaro 1967-1969
VDCCHEVYCAM8292    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Camaro 1982-1992
VDCCHEVYCAV9504    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Cavalier 1995-2004
VDCCHEVYCOL0407    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Colorado 2004-2007
VDCCHEVYHHR06-UP    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet HHR 2006-2010
VDCCHEVYMALIBU9700    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Malibu 1997-2003
VDCCHEVYMALIBU0810    (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Malibu 2008-2012 4DR
VDCCHEVYTAH07UPREAR     (DISCONTINUED) Chevrolet Tahoe 2007-2010 Rear

VDCCRY20012    (DISCONTINUED) Chrysler 200 2011-2014
VDCCRY300M9904    (DISCONTINUED) Chrysler 300M 1999-2004
VDCCRYASP07    (DISCONTINUED) Chrysler Aspen 2007-2011
VDCPTC0110    (DISCONTINUED) Chrysler Pt Cruiser 2001-2010
VDCCRYSEB0106    (DISCONTINUED) Chrysler Sebring 2001-2006 Convertible
VDCCRYSEB9500    (DISCONTINUED) Chrysler Sebring Convertible 1995-2000

VDCDAVE07    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Avenger 2007-2010
VDCDDAKOTA9704    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Dakota 1997-2004
VDCDDUR9803    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Durango 1998-2003
VDCDUR04104DR    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Durango 2004-2010
VDCDINT9304    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Intrepid 1993-2004
VDCDN0006    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Neon 2000-2006
VDCDNITRO07    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Nitro 2007-2010
VDCDSTR0005    (DISCONTINUED) Dodge Stratus 2000-2005 2DR

VDCFESC0107    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Escape 2001-2007
VDCFEXREAR0005    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Excursion 2000-2005 Rear
VDCF2509910REAR    (DISCONTINUED) Ford F250 1999-2010 Rear
VDCFFUS05    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Fusion 2005-2012
VDCFFUS13    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Fusion 2013-2015
VDCFM6466    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Mustang 19641/2-66
VDCFM6768    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Mustang 1967-1968
VDCFM6970    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Mustang 1969-1970
VDCFM7993    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Mustang 1979-1993 2 DR
VDCZLRFMUST9404    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Mustang 1999-2004
VDCFR9808    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Ranger 1998-2008
VDCFTH0206    (DISCONTINUED) Ford Thunderbird 2002-2006

VDCGMCACA07    (DISCONTINUED) GMC Acadia 2007-2010
VDCGMCENV0209    (DISCONTINUED) GMC Envoy 2002-2009

VDCHYTIB9699    (DISCONTINUED) Hyundai Tiburon 1996-1999
VDCHYTIB0001    (DISCONTINUED) Hyundai Tiburon 2000-2001

VDCJAGS0006    (DISCONTINUED) Jaguar S-Type 2000-2006
VDCJAGXJ8092    (DISCONTINUED) Jaguar XJ12 1980-1992

VDCJCHER9904    (DISCONTINUED) Jeep Cherokee 1999-2004 4DR

VDCLEXGS3009804    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus GS300 1998-2004
VDCLEXGS4009804    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus GS400 1998-2004
VDCLEXIS9804    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus IS300 1998-2005 2DR
VDCLEXIS0510    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus IS350 2005-2010 4DR
VDCLESIS35009    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus IS350 2009-2012 2DR
VDCLEXLS4600710    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus LS 460 2007-2010
VDCLEXRX0409    (DISCONTINUED) Lexus RX 400H 2004-2009

VDCLAVI0406    (DISCONTINUED) Lincoln Aviator 2004-2006
VDCLLS0006    (DISCONTINUED) Lincoln LS 2000-2006

VDCMERC20    (DISCONTINUED) Mercedes C230 2001-2005
VDCMERC0107    (DISCONTINUED) Mercedes C-Class 2001-2007
VDCMERCLS0510    (DISCONTINUED) Mercedes CLS 2005-2010
VDCMERE0309    (DISCONTINUED) Mercedes E-Class 2003-2009
VDCMERE10    (DISCONTINUED) Mercedes E-Class 2010-2016

VDCMERMOU0205    (DISCONTINUED) Mercury Mountaineer 2002-2005

VDCN240SX89974    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan 240SX 1989-1994
VDCN240Z7073    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan 240Z 1970-1973
VDCN260Z74    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan 260Z 1974-1974
VDCN280Z75    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan 280Z 1975-1975
VDCN300ZX8489    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan 300ZX 1984-1989 
VDCNALT0206    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan Altima 2002-2006 4DR
VDCNALT07    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan Altima 2007-2010 4DR
VDCND7078    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan Datsun 1970-1978
VDCNFRONT9804    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan Frontier 1998-2004
VDCNMAX0408    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan Maxima 2004-2008 4DR
VDCNMUR0307    (DISCONTINUED) Nissan Murano 2003-2007

VDCOLDALE9904    (DISCONTINUED) Oldsmobile Alero 1999-2004
VDCOLDCUT9799    (DISCONTINUED) Oldsmobile Cutlass 1997-1999

VDCPONFIRE8292    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am 1982-1992
VDCPONG605104DR    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac G6 2005-2010 4DR
VDCPONGAM9905    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac Grand Am 1999-2005 2DR
VDCPONGPRIX7988    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac Grand Prix 1979-1988
VDCPONGPRIX9703    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac Grand Prix 1997-2003
VDCPONGPRIX04084DR    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac Grand Prix 2004-2008
VDCPONGTO0406    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac GTO 2004-2006
VDCPONSUN9505    (DISCONTINUED) Pontiac Sunfire 1995-2005

VDCSATAURA0709    (DISCONTINUED) Saturn Aura 2007-2009 4DR
VDCSSKYZLR07    (DISCONTINUED) Saturn Sky 2007-2010

VDCSMART45098072DR    (DISCONTINUED) Smart Fortwo 450 1998-2007 include Scoop

VDCTOY4RUN03094DR    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota 4Runner 2003-2009
VDCTOYCAM07    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota Camry 2007-2011
VDCTOYCEL8993    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota Celica 1989-1993
VDCTOYCOR95024DR    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota Corolla 1995-2002 4DR
VDCTOYH0107    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota Highlander 2001-2007
VDCTOYMRS84892DR    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota MR2/MRS 1984-1989 2DR
VDCMRS89992DR    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota MR2/MRS 1989-1999 2DR
VDCTOYSOL9903    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota Solara 1999-2003
VDCTOYSOL0409    (DISCONTINUED) Toyota Solara 2004-2009

VDCVOLKGOLF9806    (DISCONTINUED) Volkswagen Golf 1998-2006
VDCVOLKGOLF0708    (DISCONTINUED) Volkswagen Golf 2007-2008
VDCVOLKJETTA9198    (DISCONTINUED) Volkswagen Jetta 1992-1999
VDCVOLKJETTA9905    (DISCONTINUED) Volkswagen Jetta 1999-2006
VDCVOLKJETTA0508    (DISCONTINUED) Volkswagen Jetta 2005-2011


List subject to change without notice.

Special Orders may be available on some kits contact us at 951.245.8669 for full details. 



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